OC Billing

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Orange Cross Ambulance, Inc. (OCA) began providing EMS services to the citizens of Sheboygan County in 1979. Since OCA’s inception, the Billing Department has continued to evolve to meet the latest reimbursement guidelines. The billing specialists have over 30 years of combined billing experience and over 20 years of EMS administration experience. Recent changes in reimbursement have allowed us to demonstrate OCA’s billing strengths by providing support to surrounding EMS providers.

Reasons to Outsource Billing to OC Billing Services

  • Allows former billing resources to be relocated elsewhere. This allows management to focus on…1500
    • Strategic planning
    • Contract compliance
    • Daily operational issues
    • Fleet maintenance
    • Staffing Requirements
    • Scheduling
    • Performance of quality medical care
    • Staff training
  • Electronic claims are processed faster than paper claims
  • Increased revenue receipts
  • Cost effectiveness saves money
  • Accounts spend less time in receivables
  • Improved customer service

OC Billing Service Policies Already in Place

At OC Billing Servies, patient equity and confidentiality are of utmost importance. We consistently review our policies with all clients and customers. These are just a sampling of policies that are already in place:

  • Uniform data entry
  • Electronic claim filing system
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Third Party payer reviews
  • Private and Time Pay billing schedules
  • Charitable, hardship discount and write-off policies
  • Past due accounts referred to collection agency

OC Billing Service Affiliations

  • American Ambulance Association
  • Sheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin
  • Finance Systems of Green Bay

Requirements of Prospective Client EMS Systems

To help the entire billing process run smoothly, OC Billing Service does ask clients to meet some baseline requirements.

  • Completed run reports and patient insurance information need to be faxed or e-mailed to OC Billing Services in a timely manner. This will allow us to maintain the timeline of events. For legal purposes, the original must be kept by the client ambulance service.
  • Authorization to release information signature must be signed and on file. By getting signatures at the time of the ambulance call the process will stay on schedule.
  • The client will provide current local policy manuals and telephone directories. Any updates to policies will need to be communicated to OC Billing Services.
  • Information regarding contracts with local providers and managed care organizations will also need to be provided.
  • Client’s approved list of charges and any adjustments need to be communicated to OC Billing Services.
  • The use of a collection agency of the client’s choice will yield the best results. Please furnish OC Billing Services with a contact person at the preferred collection agency.

OC Billing Services Strengths

  • Our billing specialists have over 30 years combined medical experience.
  • Continuing education to keep staff updated on Medicare and Medicaid changes.
  • Dedicated 800 number to answer customer questions everyday of the week.
  • Direct lines of communication with intermediaries at the state and federal levels.
  • Claims with Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies are filed electronically to speed the collections process.
  • We use the latest version of TriTech software, and train to stay with current updates.
  • Efficient gathering and processing information regarding auto insurance and workers’ compensation claims. This ensures a quick turnaround time for all claims
  • Established time frame for collection referral. Overdue claims then referred to your preferred local collection agency.
  • Customer service is our focus. We strive to accommodate each customer.

For Additional Information

If you’d like more information on OC Billing Services please call our billing office at 920-694-0346.