About Orange Cross Ambulance

Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center

Orange Cross Ambulance Service was founded in 1979 by a local physician. During the early 1980’s Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center purchased the company and in the late 1980’s Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center sold 50 percent interest in the ambulance service to St. Nicholas Hospital. This created a unique situation allowing competing hospitals in the same community to own the ambulance service.

In 1990, the City of Sheboygan signed a contract with Orange Cross Ambulance Service to be the sole ambulance provider for the City of Sheboygan until 2008. This contract helped take Orange Cross Ambulance Service to its present day paramedic level.

St. Nicholas Hospital

One of Orange Cross’s biggest milestones was to¬†acquire not-for-profit status in 1996.

Today Orange Cross responds to requests from private party calls and 911 calls for ambulance service in the City of Sheboygan and surrounding communities.


Orange Cross Ambulance is a member of:

  • American Ambulance Association
  • Northeast Mobile Health Care Alliance
  • Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin
  • Sheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Sheboygan County EMS Association
  • Sheboygan Area Safety Council
  • Southeast Regional Trauma Advisory Council